Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Polar Express

As part of the girls' Christmas presents from Mommy and Daddy, they got to take a trip to North Pole and visit with Santa Claus.  They had a blast!!!

 Emmalyn was using her "Frozen" powers on the Chef.  He in return was using his "Flame" powers.  
Loved it!
 Daddy and Addie
 "Girls, look at your mom for a picture"
 "Girls, look"...Addie's like, no way dude, I'm looking at you!
 Dancing on the train

 We got Mr. Scrooge to smile :)
 More Dancing

 Party on the train

 Daddy and Emma
Emmalyn getting ready to board the train

 Emmalyn's "Funny" Faces

 Addie's "Funny" Face
 Teddy Bear Cuddles

 Ringing the bell

 Papa Joe and Emma
Nonna and Addie

Emmalyn's 4th Birthday

Theme this year was My Little Pony.  She had a blast and we were pleasantly surprised on how Thankful she was.

 Silly Pose
 Annual Birthday Picture
 Addie and Alyssa eating their cupcakes!

 Nathan was a lot cleaner!
 Addie digging in
 Emmalyn turns Rainbow Dash

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Visiting Santa 2015

Santa made a stop in our hometown

Emmalyn was so excited, when we went into the Old Schoolhouse, she immediately ran to him and hopped right up (luckily no one else was in line!)

When we went to leave, she was said because she forgot to give him a kiss.  Haha, love it!