Monday, August 25, 2014

Columbia Daze Parade

Columbia Daze parade was two weekends ago.  Addie and I went with mommy, daddy, Jessie, Dan, Nonna and Papa.  I was so excited to see the cop cars, firetrucks, the elephant (mommy got so excited when I liked the elephant, something about the "republican" float), and the horses.  I loved collecting all the candy too!  Speaking of candy...MOM, where did all that candy go?  

Addie enjoyed the parade too.  She is growing up so much.  

Here are some pictures!  
 Nonna and Me
 Jessie and Addie
 Papa Joe

 We're feeding Papa Joe Cheerios :)

 Mommy filled me up with granola so I wouldn't eat as much candy.  She's tricky like that.

 Saying goodbye to Brooklyn (She moved to MA 2 days after the parade) :(

 Oh man Aunt Jessie, the trucks are coming!


 Eating a yogurt before school
 Addie resting her eyes
 Daddy and his girls
 Hiding under grandma's bed
Emma/Mommy Selfie

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Sorry everyone, I've been on vacation lately and haven't caught back up on my blog.  I apologize.

The first part of my vacation was spent with Grandma and Grandpa.  Vacation for Addie and me is anytime we get away from mom and dad, or rules.  :)

When mommy and daddy returned from their little getaway, we got to hang out with the Nonna, Papa, Jessie and Dan for the night before heading out to our next adventure.

We then left for the Ozarks for 4 days.  We traveled with Heather, Jordan, Grandma and Grandpa and Emily and Bob joined us for the last 2 days.  I had a blast.  Addie had a blast.  The pool was freezing (76 degrees!) but we still managed to get in and have some fun.  We kept having to rotate into the hot tub to avoid purple lips. :)

We also got to go mini golfing.  I got 2 holes in one!  Yes, 2!  Overall, it was a very relaxing trip.

When we got home early last week, the whole family came down with strep throat.  Daddy first, then mommy and uncle bob, then me, then nonna, papa, and grandma, and then Addie.  We're all on antibiotics and doing better now.  I was spitting on Aunt Cheryl before I got diagnosed and somehow she didn't get it.  LUCKY HER!

Saturday, Aunt Jessie, Nonna and Mommy took Addie and me to the Magic House.  This was my second time there but it had been a year and I really enjoyed it this time.  It wore Addie and me out so much that we slept 2.5hours that afternoon (which is really long for us).  That night we had to say goodbye to our friend Brooklyn.  She is moving to Massachusetts because her daddy got a job out there :(  We hope she comes back and visits a lot and maybe we'll get to make a trip out there sometime.

Here are all the pictures since last time I posted, enjoy!

Mommy and Daddy were in the airport, Addie was playing with Bob
The day mommy and daddy got back, we decided to be friends
Selfies with Aunt Heather in the Ozarks

Getting ready for a swim
Chillin with Jordan on his twin bed :)
Addie is a little spoiled with tennis shoes...These are all the same size!
Back to school again

Magic House

Creating a bubble around us

Addie popped the bubble, I swear it wasn't me

Cat Walk

Lots of slides

Dress Up

Addie was the director

More slide fun

Crazy Hair

Yes, Ms. President Speaking

Belting Yankee Doodle

Tree House
Addie busting a move on the dance floor

Driving away

Alyssa, Addie and Nathan
Alyssa and me
Nathan, me, Alyssa, Brooklyn, and Addie