Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Random Pics

 Helping Addie put her shoe on
 We are Girly Girls for sure!
 More Easter Pictures

 Swinging away at Bisnonna's
 Feet walking
 Loving it!
 Riding along at Sam's Club buying Mattresses for our new beds!
 Staying the night at Nonna and Papa's
 My feet smell amazing, always!
 The Sunshine Classroom at school
 Loves her blankie
 Hanging with Cousin Carolyn

Sunday, April 19, 2015


As if having one best friend isn't enough...Let the fun begin :)

Gender Reveal to come in June :)

Monday, April 13, 2015


Yea yea, two posts a month, I remember.  So I missed March?  That just means you may get more later on in the year J

Both of us are getting bigger and bigger every day now.  Addie is putting together sentences.  Some of her favorites include “Daddy work hard”, “I say night night to Kitty” and “I’m not poopy”.  I’m becoming a very good listener and I’ll let you know when I think I’m being good, “I’m listening mommy” or “I’m such a big girl”.  Mommy just laughs at me and shakes her head, but I want to make sure she knows.

For Easter this year, we had two Easter Egg hunts.  The first one was on Saturday at Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Heikes’s house.  You can see pictures and video below.  We went to church Easter morning and got to see the bunny!  We then made our way over to Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan’s house for Brunch.  YUM!  Pictures also below. 

Last weekend, we made a trip up to Rochelle to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Myroth as well as Great Aunt Becky and Great Uncle David’s family.  Unfortunately, their area had been recently hit with a EF4 tornado.  Luckily, both families were safe and had little damage (especially relative to other homes in their neighborhood).  It was humbling to see and we are very blessed our family was safe.

Enjoy the pics and videos!

Say Cheese
Frozen on Ice

Nonna's Birthday
Crusin on her Panda
Photo Bomb

At the park with Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan
Bath Time

Hanging out at Nonna and Papa's
Enjoying the sun at Grandma and Grandpa's
Being silly at Nonna and Papa's
Cowgirl Princess

Yum Oreos
Yes, this is how she sleeps!

Vacationing with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend while Daddy worked
Happy mommy

Cute Pony
I stuffed my shirt with Easter Eggs....I told mommy I wanted to look like Hercules...Mommy sighed with relief and I'm not sure why?
Addie and Aunt Heather
Sisters and Best Friends
Petting the Goat at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Heikes's House
I held the goat
Egg Hunting at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan's

Her diaper came off while she was running!  haha

I like to help now and Addie lets me help her with her shoes