Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Delayed Post

I apologize, I've been a super busy little toddler.

Here are a bunch of pictures of cools things Addelyn and I have done lately. And most importantly, I am proud to tell you guys, I AM OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!  I like to make Mommy and Daddy "Happy". :)

Addie is also talking so much now.  She says funny phrases like "Happy, Happy, Happy" and says it just like Duck Dynasty.  Priceless!  She also says "I did it!".  She got that one from me (every time I use the potty I announce that I did it).


 Chillin with Daddy
 This is how Addie sleeps
 Ready to go to school (Mommy says I forgot my pants)
 Too big for the baby cradle
 Teething and chewing on Sophie
 Got to wear my pretty dress for using the potty
 Big smiles and beautiful red hair
 Swinging at Nonna and Papa's
 Reading a book with Nonna
 Holding hands, priceless
 Picking out rock with Daddy
 Playing with Aunt Heather

 Addie playing

 Selfie's with mommy

 Picking apples with mommy and Aunt Jessie


 Aunt Jessie and me

 Bounce Bounce Bounce

 Watching pumpkins being launched

 More selfies

 Cousin Morgan's baby shower

 Campfire fun at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan's

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Apple Picking

We went apple picking with Aunt Emily and Uncle Bob.

 The drive to Eckerts

 In the tree, picking apples
 Addie loves apples!

 Beautiful day out!