Sunday, June 5, 2016

Baby Jack Update #2

Mommy and Baby Jack are at home (and Baby Jack is still in her belly)!  We could not be more thankful.

Mommy is on a pill to help with her contractions and we are hoping to hold off labor for at least 3 more weeks at this time.

Either way, Baby Jack is still growing perfectly and on track.  We hope he stays in as long as he needs but we are very optimistic that everything will be ok whenever he decides to join us.

Mommy is on modified bed rest and is very lucky that she can work from home the next few weeks to avoid going stir crazy!

Thanks to everyone that prayed for us and continues to everyday, it is much appreciated!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Baby Jack Update

Please pray for our family over the next few weeks.

Tuesday night, Mommy went into preterm labor with Baby Jack (32 weeks 5 days).  She waited 3 hours before going to the hospital but after having consistent contractions spaced 3 minutes apart and unable to sleep through them, daddy forced her to go.

He was so right.  When we arrived, they started by giving mommy a shot in her arm to stop them.  However, after completing a pelvic exam, they found she was 3.5cm dilated already.  They immediately got her started on a magnesium sulfate treatment and started a steroid treatment (2 shots spaced 24 hrs apart) for Baby Jack's lungs (in case he arrived).

Tuesday night and Wednesday were spent getting the contractions to settle down.  It is now Thursday morning and contractions are gone (still on the magnesium) and mommy got the 2nd dose of steroids for the baby in the middle of the night.  Goal is to get through another 24 hours.

They were able to check Baby Jack's weight and he is about 4lbs 8oz (+/- 4oz) so that is great!  This, in combination with the steroid for his lungs, give him an excellent chance of being perfectly fine IF he does get evicted early.

They will pull mommy off of the Magnesium tonight and switch her to an oral pill and monitor closely.  IF all goes well, mommy and Baby Jack will come home tomorrow with Baby Jack safely still growing in mommy's belly.

This means that mommy will be on modified bed rest for another 4 weeks to try and get Baby Jack to the 37 week mark.  Mommy would really like a July Birthday to add to the list!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Family Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Final Four

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Elite 8

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet 16

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Match #1
Elijah: The Lord is my God
Logan: Hollow

Match #2
Owen: Desire to be born
Flynn: Reddish (Maybe he'll have red hair like Addie)

Match #3
Declan: Man of prayer
Alexander: Defender of men

Match #4
Macklin: Son Of The Servant Of John
Noah: Comfort (Had Emma been a boy, this was her name)

Match #5
Finnegan: Little fair one (Mommy's #1 pick)
Lucas: Bright

Match #6
Dylan: Son of the Wave
Emmett: Entire

Match #7
Oliver: The Olive Tree
Joseph: God will increase (Papa Joe would be so proud)

Match #8
Finley: Fair Hero
Cooper: Barrel maker