Thursday, July 17, 2014


Random pictures, enjoy!
 Daddy and Aunt Jessie celebrated their 30th Birthday this week

 Here's how most of the pictures actually turned out :)

 Roaming Grandma and Grandpa's property

 I really like to wear Mommy's clothes 
 and her sunglasses
 Slide fun as a family

 Addelyn Swiming
Greeting Nonna and Papa at the airport!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skowron Wedding

A wedding happened, say what?  I know, it's been over a week but I've been trying to catch up at daycare and sleep. :)

Addelyn and I received the privilege of being the flower girls in Aunt Emily and Uncle Bob's wedding.  This was Addelyn's first time going down the aisle and she did wonderful.  A little hiccup at the beginning but recovered nicely.  This is my second time and I have two more this summer.  I'm awesome.  Addelyn will be joining me in Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan's wedding as well as Lucia.  I can't wait!  GIRL POWER!

Here are some pictures Aunt Jessie and mommy took of our day.  There should be some more as the professional does his handy work :)


 We stole the show
 Addie taking a quick nap on Aunt Jessie
 Dancing with "My Morgan"
 Addelyn busting a move

 Dancing with the Bride and Groom

 Flirting :)
 Mommy time

 Uncle Dan to be