Sunday, April 13, 2014


The weather is getting nicer in St. Louis, which means I get to spend a lot more time outside these days which keeps me away from the computer.  I apologize!

I get to go see an ENT this week.  I have a lot of ear infections as of late so time to see a specialist.  Addie has 4 teeth now and still working on more.  We're both getting really tall.  Although I am skinny (12 months probably around the waist), I have to wear 2T pants just so my ankles won't show.  Luckily mommy has a sewing machine and can add some tucks (or grandma if mommy is too busy).

Addie is spending her days with Bisnonna, Nonna and Papa on a rotation.  I think I get to drop down to 3 days a week of school this summer so that I can spend some time with Addie and the family.

Addie and I are really starting to interact with each other now.  Playing, laughing, yelling, biting... :)

I'm nervous for when she starts walking, I could be in trouble....

 Quality daddy daughter/cat time :)
Sisterly Love
 Broccoli, Yum!
 Addie and Sage
 Addie standing

Addie's 1 tooth (she now has more)
 Big smiles before school
 Macaroni Mustache
 Sister Sister

 Totally a Daddy's Girl

 I told her it was chocolate, not sure she believe me...

 wait, it's not chocolate?  the chocolates inside?  MOMMY, OPEN!

 Mommy and me
 Grandma and me
 This was mommy's when she was little girl
 Getting ready for a paddle boat ride

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Limited Computer Access

Mommy has limited my computer access.  Something about "it's nice out, go play outside"...BAH!

Here are some pictures since my last post or pictures I've missed.  Addie has broken another tooth in (that's 2) and is catching up to me in size.  We are only 1 size apart, 1!

 Shopping wore me out
 Hiking Salt Lick Trail with Nonna
 St. Patrick's Day

 Sleeping with my best friend, "Fish"

 Crazy hair day
 Yes, I drive a mustang

 Peek a boo
 Bisnonno and me
 Chillin on Uncle Neal
 Yum, ice cream cake
 No pants, no big deal, I've got my heels on
Watching Jungle Book
 Zoo time
 Uncle Bob and me

I like to wear heels with my pajamas
 Hey there
 Addie can stand
 So big!
 Hanging out with Papa Joe
 St Patrick's passed out on Grandma
 Look at my red hair in the sun
 5am, good morning mom!
 Addie and cousin Carolyn

 Hanging with Aunt Cheryl

 This is from a while ago, but Wyatt, Ethan, Addie and Me hanging out
 Shopping with my sister
 Family picture on Salt Lick Trail

Hanging at Aunt Jessie's House